When you look at the culture around you, the movies, music, television, social media, pornography, what messages do you receive about sex and sexuality?  Our popular culture seems to be suggesting that the act of sex isn't that big of a deal.  Is this true?  Is sex just a physical act?  Does it carry any real significance or meaning?   

At The Reality Project, we think sex is a big deal, and that what we do with your sexuality matters.  We believe that sex is far more than what you do with your body, and that sex is a deeply intimate act that affects the entire person. We want you to know that we are pro-sex! We think that sex is a great thing!  It can help create intimacy between people who are committed to each other, it can be a lot of fun, and sometimes it can even make another human!  Sex is a powerful act of intimacy, which is why sex can also be used to hurt. Sex can devestate people emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Sex can cause shame and make people feel less than human.  When we cheapen sex, we cheapen people.  Sex can be a great thing if it's done in a healthy way, but it can also be very damaging.  

That's why we think it is important that young people know how to be honest with themselves and think critically when it comes to sex and relationships, and consider the weight of their sexual behavior. Our desire is that people would have the healthiest and most fulfilling relationships possible.  We believe that every person has the ability to choose a life of sexual integrity.  


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