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HOw watching Porn Affected me and my relationships

I remember when she asked that one question that I never wanted anyone to ask, “Do you watch porn?”

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Breaking up with someone you care about  

I pictured a man who would fall head over heels for me. He pictured a secure confident woman. We were 19, and neither of those things.

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3 Things to remeber when you go on a first date  

There are so many questions going through my head. I’m already a pretty awkward dude; therefore, putting me in an awkward situation was a recipe for numerous social blunders...


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5 Things i wish my parents told me about sex

Regardless of what you have seen in the movies or other media, or even heard from the stories of your friends, sex is not about competition or achievement.

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My Journey Through Singleness 

Human beings need lots of relationships, and even if you are in a relationship, you need more than that one person in your life.

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5 Ways to Show a Person Respect While Dating

If there was ANYTHING I learned through dating, it is this - know how your partner communicates.

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