Micah is Director of The Reality Project. He is married to his beautiful wife Kristi and both enjoy living in the Gresham area. He loves speaking, playing basketball, movies, coffee, and heavy music. He has a passion for helping young adults discover their true value and potential. 



Bethany is the Reality Project Assistant and will help you with all of your scheduling needs. She has also been known to buy candy for students. She is both a dog and a cat person, loves holiday romantic comedies that have less than three stars on Netflix, and has an obsession with Flamin’ hot cheetos. Bethany is also passionate about music and always finds a way to make it a big part of her life. She enjoys living in Portland, spending time with loved ones, and doing anything that makes her laugh.

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Dom is one of our volunteer presenters. He has a wife, Sybil, and three children. He loves working with youth, coaching, riding bikes, playing basketball, reading, traveling and teaching. He sells real estate for a living in the Portland metro area, and currently lives in the Mississippi district. 

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Aaron is one of our volunteer presenters.  He has enjoyed working with youth in Oregon City for the past 11 years. He and his wife Amanda have 3 girls, Ava, Ariel, and Amara.  Aaron loves outdoor adventures, reading, playing guitar, restoring cars, skateboarding, snowboarding, and playing princess dress up.



Holly lives in the Buckman neighborhood, and is active with teens, college students, and young professionals. She enjoys going on dates with her husband Jon, teaching and performing music, meeting friends for coffee, and playing super heroes with her two boys, Braxton and Landon. 



Elizabeth lives and works in the beautiful Columbia Gorge. Her favorite pastimes include hiking, getting lost in bookstores, Netflix binging, and travel. She most enjoys one-on-one coffee dates with her best friends and making them laugh until they cry. She has a passion for helping teenagers and has been working with them in different capacities the last 4 years.