Sexual Integrity

We believe that the sexual decisions we make have an impact on us and on our relationships. Having sexual integrity means understanding the weight and importance of sexual activity and making decisions that are in the best interest of oneself and others.  Our sexuality is an integral part of who we are as human beings, so it follows that what we do sexually significantly affects us as people.     

Critical Thinking

Young people receive information about sex from many different sources such as friends, parents, media, pornography, and entertainment. Very rarley do the messages between these sources give a clear or accurate message surrounding sexuality. At The Reality Project, we value a student's ability to take a step back and think critically about the sexual decisions he/she is making. Don't be afraid to ask difficult questions.  


Sex can be an awkward and sometimes difficult topic to speak honestly about, even with the people closest to us. At The Reality Project, we endeavor to create a safe space where young people can be honest about their feelings, their fears, their struggles, and ask honest questions.   If we want to get to the truth about sex, we need to be honest with one another.