The Reality Project's desire is to see young people consider the weight of their sexual decisions. Our presentation is highly interactive, humorous, entertaining, and most importantly, it opens up the conversation of sex and sexuality.  We are not in the business of shaming.  We are in the business of building up and instilling value.  We want students to know that they matter.  Our desire is to encourage young people to think critically about their sexual decisions and to grow in understanding of their sexuality.  One thing you need to know is that we are pro-sex!  We think sex is great and beneficial, but we also believe that it is powerful and can been harmful if treated lightly.  When we cheapen sex, we cheapen people.  We believe the healthiest way to practice sexual behavior is inside a marriage relationsip.  We know that not everyone will choose a path to monogamy, but we think everyone deserves to know why it's awesome. 

On the surface, it almost seems as if sex is not really a big deal to young people, but if you dig a bit deeper, it 's almost always very apparent that they don't truly believe what culture is telling them. Our goal is to help young people to see that the sexual choices they make now will have an impact on themselves and on their future relationships. 

In the presentation we talk about: 

  • Healthy Relationships
  • What Our Culture Says About Sex
  • How To Define Sex
  • Why Sex Matters
  • The Impact of Sexual Behavior
  • The Implications of Pornography  
  • Sexual Abuse and Trafficking
  • How We Love Others  

Below are some of the things students had to say when they took our anonymous survey following the presentation.  

The presentation was very funny, while serious at the same time, and it felt more like a conversation with a friend than a stranger presenting the topic.
— Student at McMinnville High School
It helped me realize that sex really does matter, and that we are so influenced by the media that it doesn’t. In reality, it means a lot not just for your body but your actual self/person.
— Student at Oregon City High School
I loved the presentation, because it was truly eye-opening. It made realize a lot of things I hadn’t before.
— Student at David Douglas High School
(The presenter) treated us like mature adults instead of like children, and he gave us real life scenarios and answers.
— Student at Wilsonville High School
It really opened my eyes to how important sex is and taught me that it shouldn’t be taken lighty.
— Student at Oregon City High School
It helped me realize the importance of how sex can affect you both in a good way or a bad way.
— Student at David Douglas


The presentation is roughly 3 hours long, so we recommend that you schedule the presentation over the course of 2-4 days, depending on the length of the class period.  We like to operate within the context of health classes. If you would like to schedule a presentation, please email us at [email protected] (