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What We Do

We desire to transform the way young people think about sex. Conversations regarding sex and sexuality can be difficult to have with the people around us and sometimes the people closest to us. We here at The Reality Project realize this, so we take our three hour interactive and often humorous presentation to high school health classes all over the Portland Metro area in order to open up conversations about healthy sexuality.  

Who We Are

The Reality Project exists to promote sexual integrity  and to transform the relational and sexual lives of young people. We believe that the things we do sexually have a significant impact on us and  the people around us. Our desire is that people would have the healthiest and most fulfilling relationships possible, and we believe that making good sexual decisions is a vital part of making that happen. We are passionate about educating and connecting with the young people in Greater Portland.


Why We Do It

Honestly, we really care about young people. We think that you and your sexuality are truly valuable. We want young people to realize that they matter and be empowered to choose a life of sexual integrity in a society where the popular culture basically tells us that sex isn't a big deal. Sex is a big deal, and you deserve to know this about yourself and to demand respect and love in your relationships.